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About Us

We are the infamous two person "Tag Team" from Camaro5.com dedicated to bringing our members Camaro5 products and apparel along with a select number of rotating GM licensed Camaro-related items. We do our best to keep our inventory stocked and hope, one day, to carry a much more diverse selection of items.

The idea of creating our very first Camaro5 shirt came to me about four years ago while sitting at University Hospital in San Antonio with some random criminal who was under arrest.  While he was being tended to by physicians in the E.R., I sat down with a piece of paper, a pen, and an idea.  After brainstorming with a great friend of mine, Joe Bella (aka: Dragoneye/Mr.Wyndham from Camaro5.com), I drew up four designs which I thought could be pretty neat for people to wear on shirts.  After all, I had shirts for all the other Camaro web sites I browsed...but none for my absolute favorite 5th Gen website of all....Camaro5.com.  I took those four designs to Joe and asked him his thoughts.  A couple days later, I had four Photoshopped pictures.  The two of us quickly agreed on the "circle 5" design and we went to work making the shirt become a reality.  Before we knew it, we had several hundred shirts ordered within the first week and quickly found we weren't the only ones sharing the same passion we felt.  I felt that we had to make it easier for the members to get the shirts so I talked to Tran about opening a webstore. Knowing that I would not be able to work my job and handle the store which is also a full time job, I asked Dana to take over. She enlisted the help of Joe and they spent countless hours designing the first simple store we had and, now, this new, improved storefront. In the three years since that fateful day in the E.R., we've gone from a simple two color shirt design to a 15 screen fire shirt.  We have an official store and we have added hats, lanyards, stickers, hoodies...and hopefully we'll be able to add much more in the future.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into designing the store and into getting these items made and licensed through GM and, with that, we hope you like what we have to offer.

Thanks for swinging by,
Doug Iden (TAG UR IT) and Dana Iden (Mrs.Tag)